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Fiction E-Commerce Store


Fiction – Lies & Filth is an independent menswear clothing brand based in Cape Town. Originally from Durban, owners Chris, Anton, and Neil focus on making quality garments which are released in limited quantities. All their products are locally made.


Fiction was looking for a boutique e-commerce store that would stand out in the crowded category of home-grown apparel. The vast majority of start-up clothing brands take shortcuts. From their clothing to their website, Fiction wanted to be different. They wanted an interface that had the same measure of attention to details as their products.

UI treatment

Every detail of the UI incorporated a unique sewing and stitching pattern. Everything from icons to the arrows had these flares of detail that set them apart while stil remaining minimalistic and modern.


The site is based on a single-page architecture wherein the individual views are loaded separately to the underlying UI. This creates seamless transitions between pages and allows for simpler animations and faster loading times with search optimisation considered from the very start. 


BNRY Digital


Creative Director

Damian Cannon

Technical Director

Benon Czornij

Project Manager

Hans Croukamp

UX Designers

Mitchell Eva

Motion Designers

Nico Botha, Mitchell Eva, Suné De Bruyn

UI Designers

Mitchell Eva


Reza Adams, Dreyer Calitz, Jason Dumpies, Sive Mwanda, Lazola Figlan. 

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