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Wellness Days


Discovery is South Africa's leading healthcare provider.

One of the ways that they reach out to corporate clients is through "Wellness Days". But an old and mismatched setup did little to build any sense of sensitivity.

A lack of uniformity in aesthetics and quality left participants disconnected from the brand. 


Re-invent Discovery Wellness Days. 

Assert Discovery market leadership. 

We were briefed to create Wellness Days flexible enough to function within both large and small organisations for members and for non-members, white- and blue-collar workforces, and scalable enough to be deployed in almost any interior environment. 

On top of assessment services, the Wellness Days, which are often the only touch-point the brand has with the public, needed to encourage users to take an active role in their own health and wellness beyond the annual wellness day. 

"Wellness Days need to be flexible enough to function within both large and small organisations, for members and for non-members, white- and blue-collar workforces."


An integrated personal health and wellness experience 

The re-invention of Wellness Days presented the opportunity to catapult personal healthcare into the future.

Checks and assessments were automated through leading-edge medical technologies repurposed into a single experience. And the entire assessment process could be unmanned and streamlined: saving the participants' time and employers' money. 

In six simple steps and just twelve short minutes participants can now get a 360 degree view of their health and wellness. Something that has never been attempted anywhere in the world, until now!


The Wellness Experience was designed so it could be moved daily between corporate customers and service up to 500 people per day. 

So how does it work? 

The six high-tech stations gather data from participants as they make their way from station to station.

Their journey ends with a confidential wellness consultation where participants are taken through all the results gathered throughout the day. Secure and accurate data is passed instantaneously back and forth within the local Wellness Experience systems as well as Discovery and Vitality databases. 

Historical data is displayed from past medical checkups and wellness days to give users a comparative view of how their health is changing over time. Interactions and inputs transition into biometric touch devices, augmented reality and motion gesture. 


I - The Registration Station

Here, participants input their personal details and register their fingerprint for biometrics logins at each station. Live integration in the Discovery database allows participants to update their personal details and see their past wellness day data on their personal wellness dashboard. 

II - The VHR Station

The Vitality Health Review (VHR) station prompts participants to complete the Vitality Health Review questionnaire to calculate their Vitality Age. Intelligent routing ensures that participants' only answers risk questions relevant to them, allowing them to swiftly move through the station.

III - The Body Metric Station 

Next, they move on to the Body Metric station where height, weight and blood pressure are calculated using an ultrasonic sensor and integrated scale to obtain accurate measurements. A low voltage electrical pulse measures the resistance in their body to determine body fat. And an integrated blood pressure cuff measures blood pressure and pulse rate to complete the check.

IV - The Body Scan Station 

At the Full Body Scan Station, in-house built depth cameras generate a 360°, 3D model of the participant's body. Once complete, this model is then analysed to detect musculoskeletal and posture related risks. If at risk, participants are automatically referred to a physiotherapist in the Discovery network. Motion Gesture is used throughout this station for easy navigability, to ensure that the user is standing the correct position and for complete accuracy during the visual acuity, contrast vision and colour-blindness eye tests.

V - The Blood and Wellness Consultation Station 

As the users come to the end of their Wellness Experience they visit the Blood and Wellness Consultation Station. At this station six blood tests are carried out in just 60 seconds to measure the user's: cholesterol, glucose, Triglycerides, HDL, LDL and HbA1c if Diabetic.

The test results are immediately sent in real-time from a specialised blood analyzer device and into the Wellness Experience application. At this station participants also have the option of taking a confidential HIV test. A specially built camera analyzes the test to determine if the user is positive or negative for HIV and a barcode is attached to the test to ensure that it traceable, so that it can't be reused. Plus, a record of the test image is stored in Discovery database as a reference. 

A private, confidential feedback session with a Discovery consultant follows and the participant is presented with all the data and tests results gathered. Depending on the results, the participant is referred onward for further assessment and treatments. 
All data is then fed back to the Discovery database and the participant earns Vitality Points and receives follow-up information from Discovery to create a holistic experience. 

VI - The Benefits Station

Throughout their experience participants have the opportunity to access the Benefit Station where they can find out about the many Discovery benefits and products they have available to them. Product information is tailored based on the participant's health plan and vitality status. 

Non-Discovery members can also see all benefits on offer as an incentive to sign up. And if they are interested in becoming a member, a direct referral is sent to the corporate broker so the participant can be contacted directly.


Agency Producer

Benon Czornij 


Shinji-Ákhirah, Nico Botha 

Brand Representatives

Saul Allardice, Kelli Wilson 

User Experience Design

Mitchell Eva, Damian Cannon, Shannon Tomblin, Grace McMahon 

Executive Creative Director

Damian Cannon


Nico Botha 

Information Architects

Matthew Maurin, Benon Czornij 


Coenraad Myburgh, Dewald Schlebusch, Tashreek Jackson, Gareth West, Reza Adams, Paul Lipschitz, Mike Hayes, Matthew Cech, Jason Dampies 


Matthew Maurin Writers: Matthew Maurin, Grace McMahon

Video & Photography

Nico Botha 

Awards Submissions

Richard Wiese, Kyle Marco van Vuuren, Bianca van der Walt, Mitchell Eva, Stephanie Nel 

Project procurement manager


Industrial Design

JesseJames Design

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