case study

Connectivity App


Always on is a multi-national Public WiFi provider. They offer their wireless internet access in public spaces like coffee shops, airports, conference centres and hotels. They have over 900 WiFi zones in South Africa, mostly in major city centres.


Always on approached BNRY to create a iOS and Android app that would keep user informed and connected without any pesky in-browser popups. They also sought to keep their brand front-of-mind and encourage continued use of the Always On system.


We wanted to find a way to let the user know how much data they had left in their package without them having to read or even look directly at their phone.

So we came up with a full-colour rolling gradient that would change colour depending on the percentage of their bundle they had left.

user testing

We also discovered that users were used to seeing a number in minutes or megabytes representing their balance as opposed to what we assumed (percentage).

Through a series of user tests, we established that users preferred to see the all active bundles in one view rather than seeing only the active account.

Following these findings, we changed the dashboard design to reflect the user's need.

Before testing

After testing

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