Mitch, in extremely plain terms, has probably been the best creative hire of my professional career.

He is an exceptional spirit with the right attitude and displays all the necessary creative abilities one would expect from someone going places.

In addition, his ability to learn and grow his skill set exceeds the expectations I have put on him. I have not worked with another human that is this passionate nor this committed and I would like to take this opportunity to wish him all the success in the world.

Damian Cannon

Executive Creative Director
BNRY Digital
Mitch has a very special balance of skills which make him an exceptional experience designer.

Zoom in: He has very high levels of mastery with digital tools. He'll make you the best prototypes, animations, UI, handouts or infographics using anything from Axure to AfterEffects to InDesign.

Zoom out: He understands Human-centred Design broadly and deeply. He knows where in the process he is, and which technique to pick next and how to execute it beautifully.

He is very effective at questioning and iterating his own work, to improve his understanding, the quality of his design and his ability to communicate to others.

Mitch is a fast learner, a passionate human-centred designers and a very hard worker.

Phil Barrett

Head of Design
Barclays Africa Group Limited
/ Absa Group Limited
Mitch is a very, very talented Designer (capital “D”) and he represents everything that I love about Design.

Deeply skilled, deeply insightful - perfectly balances practical and theoretical aspects of the work.

Sets the highest standards - and exceeds expectations every time.

Dedicated - Conscientious and rigorous. Falls in love with the problem and he does not let go.

Incredible work ethic.

Great mentor - raises the bar in any team that he is a part of.

Incredible with stakeholders

Kindness, decency, empathy - a fantastic human being and a pleasure to work with.

Joe De Lange

Head of Design and Digital Channels
Barclays Africa Group Limited
/ Absa Group Limited
Mitch has a natural creative instinct.

I worked with him at Titan Digital, where he designed incredibly creative (UX/UI) websites for range of clients spanning SME, LME and our coveted Key Clients.

Mitch is professional, reliable and dedicated to producing outstanding work on tight deadlines.

He is always current regarding design trends, researching and sharing the latest updates, and is never shy to experiment with new creative ideas to benefit clients.

He is an irreplaceable asset to any team he joins.

Jen Searle

Project Manager
Titan Digital
Mitchell provided Appello with a complete digital media marketing service, rendered in the form of online media such as web sites, Facebook, Twitter and regular newsletters — as well as cloud-based catalogues and brochures created for the Apple iPad tablet platform.

Design finesse and speed-to-market were of paramount importance and Mitchell never failed to surprise on the upside with his creative capability, always responding positively and with great enthusiasm to the iterative process involved with translating a brief into a tactile, feasible campaign that achieved bottom-line results.

Mitchell was involved with Search Engine Optimisation [SEO] campaigns, new business process design and articulation [the Appello Audio Visual division], the conceptualisation and design of Audio Visual content for internal business units and innumerable other activities that added enormous value to our company.

It was Mitchell's attitude to everything though that was most edifying - always prepared to work late, often committing weekends to ensure deadlines were met — Mitchell had self-discipline and standards that belied his age.

I can confidently state, without a moment's hesitation, that Mitchell is also well-versed in all aspects of the Coolux media server [show control] product software, having attended formal and certified training in Cologne with Coolux during July of 2013.

This, combined with his own well-honed and proven content creation capability, has equipped him with a unique combination of skills that would be invaluable to any company whose focus is on providing bespoke presentation content for the corporate market.

I would highly recommend Mitchell and can state without reservation that he was an asset to our company and was well liked by his colleagues.

Most importantly, he was and remains a person of integrity and honesty and is a very hardworking individual dedicated to producing a high standard of work in a collaborative environment.

Gavin Cox
Managing Director
Berco Technology Solutions