case study

Internet Banking Platform


Barclays Africa operates in 10 Countries - each with vastly different demographics, systems of payment and ethnographic profiles.


Map out a simplified internet Banking Platform that could scale to needs of 10 Banks using a single platform.

Design a wireframe system that is as close as possible to fully functional, easy to edit, easy to scale, simple to document, and easy to use for testers, developers and designers alike.

Built in Axure with the intent of being used by both development teams and Interface designers, the wireframes include over 100 pages in 3 responsive sizes. In order to test these wireframes with customers, we used Axure's lesser-known scripting tool and table components to create life-like search filters and internal pattern libraries for faster, more consistent wireframe development.

Aside from the main canon of the project which extended from 2016 to 2020, there were several GV Sprints and prototyped designs that explored new concepts.

Pilot experiments concluded that users could complete their transactions faster with less confusion using either of the two prototypes below as compared to a standard static form.

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